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How to update UniFiPi

Browse to your UniFiPi at https://unifipi.local Choose “Software Package Updates” Click Refresh Available Packages then Update Selected Package. If there is an update for UniFi there will be a line in there for it. Click Read more…


UniFiPi v1.0.3

Thanks for all your comments, donations and downloads! v1.0.3 of UniFiPi is out now grab it over at the Downloads Page. Please remember that you can update by updating your packages within your webmin interface Read more…


UniFiPi v1.0.2

v1.0.2 of UniFiPi. Grab it over at the Downloads Page. Versions UniFi Controller Version: 5.7.20 UniFiPi Version: v1.0.2 UniFiPi Kernel:4.9.59-v7+ Webmin Version: 1.870 New features in v1.0.2 Updated UniFi Controller Version Minor bug fixes Basic/Advanced Read more…