Below is a table of features between UniFiPi and Cloud Key, As you can clearly see there are quite a few similarities between a UniFiPi and Cloud Key. However the UniFiPi is much cheaper and is much more flexible in terms of it’s ability to install additional software packages and configuration.

Feature UniFiPi Cloud Key
Gigabit Ethernet Yes with RPi 3+ Yes with CK2
10/100 Ethernet Yes Yes
Third-Party Apps/Programs Yes No
Upgrade Firmware from UniFi controller No Yes
Upgrade Operating System from Webmin Yes No
Accessible from UniFi Cloud Yes Yes
Cost Up to $35 $80+
PoE Capable Add $20 with Rpi 3+ Yes
Setup time ~15 Minutes ~15 Minutes
SSH Yes Yes
Pi-Hole (Block ads on Network) Yes No
Automatic Updates? Yes No
USB for External Storage? Yes No
Firewall Yes No?


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